Medicare Supplement Plan N 2016

If you want a supplement Medicare plan with a lot of coverage but a reasonable premium, then Medicare Supplement Plan N in 2016 may be just what you are looking for.

What Medicare Supplement Plan N Covers

Plan N is one of the more comprehensive plans you can get, and it covers most of the medical expenses listed on Medicare’s supplemental coverage sheet. The major expenses it takes care of are for Medicare Parts A and B. It covers things like hospice care, hospitalization, medical procedures and the cost of supplies.

But it also covers you for three more pints of blood each year than what Medicare covers. And it pays for the Part B co-payment and the Part A deductible. Also included in the plan is 80% coverage for foreign medical care travel expenses. This is for instances where you may need to be airlifted to a country outside the US to receive emergency care.

What Plan N won’t pay for is the excess charges from Medicare Part B and the Part B deductible. These charges may be minimal depending on the kind of care you received. For some people, it really pays to have a more comprehensive plan, while others benefit from the reduced cost of Plan N over plans G and F.

Some states by law do not charge Part B excess charges, therefore making Medicare Supplement Plan N in 2016 and ever more attractive option.

Those States Are:

  • Connecticut
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont

Is Plan N the Right One for You?

There isn’t one plan that is best for everyone. Each plan caters to different people’s needs. For Medicare Supplement Plan N, the kind of person who benefits from it most is someone who needs additional coverage from what Medicare offers but would not really benefit from the added coverage that Plan F or Plan G provides. Or they simply cannot afford those fuller coverage plans.

You can still get all the coverage you need and not have to pay a lot. Plan N is cheaper than plans that give you more coverage, so the extra money you may pay out of your pocket could be less than what you would pay with a more expensive plan.

And you can save even more money just by comparing prices from the various insurance providers that offer these plans. When it comes to supplemental Medicare plans, the cheaper you can get the plans the better. You will still receive the same coverage from Medicare Supplement Plan N in 2016 no matter which insurance provider you are buying it from. They all are required to give you the same coverage no matter how much they charge.

And we are able to assist you in finding the lowest price on the plan you want. When you use the free quote generator on our site, you will quotes from all the major insurance providers near you that offer the plan you are looking for. Then you can find the lowest price being offered and use that to save yourself some money.

People are saving hundreds of dollars a year using this free and easy tool, and you too can enjoy savings while receiving essential coverage. Use our site to compare quotes from top carriers for Medicare Supplement Plan N in 2016.