Medicare Supplement Plan G 2016

Medicare plans each provide coverage in different ways some cover certain expenses while others do not. And the tradeoff is that the premiums you pay match up with the coverage you receive. One of the more popular plans is sure to be Medicare Supplement Plan G in 2016, and we will explain how this plan works below.

What Medicare Supplement Plan G Covers

Medicare Supplement Plan G in 2016 will still be one of the most comprehensive supplemental plans available. It covers the majority of the medical expenses you can expect to experience. This includes 80% of foreign medical care, three more pints of blood every year than what Medicare covers, hospice care, hospital room expenses, medical treatments, co-payments and deductibles. In fact, every expense that is part of supplemental Medicare’s list of possible coverage is included in Medicare Supplement Plan G except for a Medicare Part B deductible.

Now this deductible is not very costly, and you only have to pay it when you have medical procedures or tests performed or if you have had therapy sessions. So while it is fairly common, you won’t have to pay it every time you visit the hospital. And besides your premiums from Plan G, that would be just about the only medical expense you would have to pay.

How It Compares to Plan F

Medicare Supplemental Plan G is often compared to the full coverage Plan F. Only that single deductible separates their coverage, but they can be quite different when it comes to premium rates. Plan F is always more expensive, but it is also often more expensive than if you went with Medicare Supplement Plan G in 2016 and paid that deductible yourself.

In many cases, it is advantageous to go with Plan G over Plan F, just to save yourself money. It can be a little harder to predict how much you will pay out of your own pocket each year, but the savings can still be worth it. To figure out what plan is better for you, however, you will need to compare prices from various providers.

While Medicare sets the coverage that you receive from each of the supplemental plans, it is up to the various insurance providers to determine how much they charge for premiums. If you aren’t comparing prices then you could be paying far too much for the exact same coverage that you could be receiving elsewhere.

Our website gives you the ability to quickly compare prices from providers near you who are offering the coverage you are looking for. This is the best way to determine what the lowest price is and if the company you are looking at would offer that plan to you.

We urge you to compare before you buy, as you can end up saving lots of money over time. If you are interested in Medicare Supplement Plan G, then the best way to determine if you can save money on that plan over Plan F or another plan is to compare prices through our website. It is completely free, and there is no obligation to subscribe to any of the plans we show to you.